Thank you for your reading! I found it to be incredibly helpful and insightful. I thought it was accurate and explained my situation very well. I have not felt very sure of myself and I’ve had a difficult time identifying my needs and reassessing them. I know what I don’t want but I don’t know what I want. I appreciate the words, thank you so much!
— Madeline

Thank you very much Neonilla. I do havrle projects in mind so really hope it will help improve the situation in the future. Thank you again for the prompt reading! Much love and support!
— Alex Geist

Hi thanks for the reading, I really appreciate the reading and look forward using your advice. I really appreciate your help and guidance I look for your advice and am glad you have helped me.
— Daniel

Hello Neonilla, Thank you for your reading and completing the two spreads. You touched on multiple issues I’ve had struggles with, such as beliefs about myself derived from others, doubt in what the future holds for me, etc. How can one become more grounded and connected to the earth? Perhaps that would’ve been nice to see in your comments. I do appreciate the prompt to think about where I see myself, what skills/talents I have that I could tap into to create a more fulfilling life. Any suggestions on how to get to that!? On the romance spread, did it indicate I’d have a difficult time distinguishing or acknowledging this connection? Thank you so much! Great reading and points made... Have a great day.
— Martha

Hi Neonilla! Thank you so much for this reading, it has been quite influential. I feel a sense of clarity in how to improve/grow, as I went through an emotionally intense experience several years ago that I am still healing from and has impacted my ability to have relationships. So I take this as a sign to continue working through/forgiving all areas of that. I also take this as a message to get out of my head and to process my emotions with a gentle approach. Thank you again, I will continue to look back at this reading for support so I can continue to understand it on a deeper level.
— Bea

Thank you Neonilla for the reading! I’m very happy about the reading. It gave me hope that I’m going in the right direction with my business. Now, I don’t have to doubt myself anymore! Thank you again!!
— Xxx