Understanding My Online Tarot Reading Process


I believe in no coincidences when a client chooses my service for their reading.
Everything in its divine timing and I am the chosen vessel to relay the messages.

Here are some of the steps on how I hold this space and reading via email.

Connecting with clients Energy
So upon receiving an email tarot reading request, I will too receive the client's information (e.g. birthdate, country of birth, optional photo). Once I collected those information, I will focus my energy on the one specific question from the client.
I will intuitively receive the thoughts, emotions and energy of my clients and channel it for the reading.

Cleanse and Ground
As I serve a lot of clients, I always cleanse my deck of cards before the actual reading. This allows the truest and won't leak or sucks the energy of the client before or after. I honour the space I do my reading at and let the question charged energetically in my space for a few hours. This then proceed with me, being in a connected state with the divine before I shuffle the deck and start the actual reading. This is a time where I consciously set aside my personal opinions, judgements on your situation.
The focus is only on you, your situation and the message that awaits for you.

The Right Tarot Spread
Depending on the question, I sometimes use a mix of cards (more on the tarot cards I used here). My method is to be very clear on the question and allowing the clients energy to get to a spiritual flow of the reading. I pull the cards  and for certain specific spreads, the position also place meanings over the cards. I sit with the cards chosen, feeling my clients energy even more before penning down all the messages I received.

Sharing The Reading
Honest reading is my priority, even if certain readings hurts and breaks my heart to share. But as a vessel, my responsibility here is to be the messenger and so I hold that space sacred. I will email clients the readings and explain certain points in more details. In certain occasions, I do receive extra information which may not have any connection but I relay it to them anyways. Most times, they understand it perfectly while shocked at certain details that only they would have known. As I mentioned before, the intention here is really to be the vessel.
It is only my honour.

I hope this gives some light to how my online reading processes go. If you feel the pull to have a reading with me, visit my tarot reading booking options. Or if you are based or visiting France anytime soon, feel free to give me a call at +33 785 262 086 for a face-to-face reading.

Peace, blessings,